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The war in Afghanistan is apparently getting more deadly. This month is now tied with last month, the deadliest in the eight-year conflict there, 44 US troops died in August. The latest American serviceman who is killed in a militant attack today involving in a roadside bomb and gunfire.
Firefighters in California are fighting a tough battle against a fast-moving fire. Here is what they are up against in Rancho Palos Verdes. It sits about an hour south of Los Angeles. More than 1,500 people have been ordered out of the area. And there is no word on just how many buildings have already been damaged.
Senator Ted Kennedy has died at the age of 77 in Hyannis Port Massachusetts. He had been fighting a malignant brain tumor, diagnosis that was announced in May of 2008. President Obama says Kennedy's death marks the passing of an extraordinary leader, adding that he helped mold an America that is more just. Kennedy served as a US senator for nearly 47 years.
The LA county coroner has now ruled Michael Jackson’s death homicide. That’s according to the CNN TV, quoting the Associated Press. This information comes from a single law enforcement official. The coroner’s office has no comment for CNN.
President Obama has approved the creation of an elite team to interrogate terror suspects. The Washington Post is now reporting that the new unit will be made up of experts from several intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The high value detainee interrogation group will be based out of the FBI, but the National Security Council will oversee it.
We wanna hit you with some headlines. First let's talk about hurricane Bill. It's a little weaker, still a dangerous storm. It's a Category 1. It won't make landfall here in the US, but its effects have been felt along coastlines from North Carolina to Massachusetts.
Hurricane Bill whips up powerful waves. Look at this, actually some dangerous rip currents, passing between Bermuda and the east coast of the mainland US. Although it's not going to hit the mainland , we're told though, it is bringing 150-mph winds and offshore waves up to 20 feet high.
Hurricane Bill, a Category 3 storm is starting this weekend. You will be able to feel some of the effects in the eastern coast. The National Hurricane Centre is warning people from Florida all the way to Maine of extremely dangerous surf and life threatening rip currents.
Stocks did do well despite the latest round of bad news from the unemployment line. Uh, this weekly jobless report shows first-time claims rose again, rose more than expected to 576, 000. Experts had anticipated there would only be about 550, 000 new claims.
Devastating blasts rocked Baghdad in one of the worst explosions of violence since the US troop pulled back. Six explosions hit the city this morning, leaving at least 88 people dead and more than 400 others wounded.
Health care town hall meetings are set in Massachusetts and Illinois. Right now, some Democrats are hammering the president because they say he’s backing off a key piece of his health care plan.
A slow-starting Atlantic hurricane season is now rushing in and a few named storms are on our radar. Take a look here. Claudette came ashore, as the tropical storm in the Florida Panhandle early this morning now downgraded to a depression.
John Yettaw, an American sentenced to seven years with hard labor in Myanmar, he is arriving right there, as you see it, in Bangkok. He had been arrested for going to the home of a pro-democracy leader Aung Sun Suu kyi, who is under house arrest.
A suicide bomber set off a car-bomb today in Afghanistan's capital of Kabul, at least seven people killed, another hundred injured. Yeah,the explosion went off near NATO Security headquarters and the U.S Embassy. Now the Taliban, which has vowed to disrupt next Thursday's elections is claiming responsibility for this explosion.
President Obama, in Montana, pushing his health care reform, as many polls show most Americans against his proposal, the president has been trying to strengthen his message across the country.
Up to 3, 000 people are running from a huge wildfire in Northern California, broke out last night near the Santa Cruz Mountains, and has been growing ever since. So far, this untamed fire has chewed up some 1, 200 acres.
President Obama is fighting what he calls health care reform scare tactics head-on. (It's) At a town hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire yesterday, the President accused special interests of using their influence to scare and mislead people.
Police have executed a search warrant at a Las Vegas pharmacy in connection with Michael Jackson s death. More than a dozen law enforcement officers including Federal Drug Agents were seen inside the pharmacy.
Members of Congress are back home and getting an earful from voters on health care reform. Right now, Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill is holding a town hall forum in her home state of Missouri.
We are getting new information on the helicopter plane collision over the Hudson this morning. Nine people died in the crash. At this moment, divers are getting back into the water for the recovery effort.
A major victory against terrorism this morning. Police in Indonesia say they've killed a top terror suspect. It happened during an 18-hour firefight. Noordin Top is accused of killing hundreds in bombings on Western targets in Bali and Jakarta. Police say his group was also planning an assassination attempt on Indonesia's president.
That is the crowd reacting in Los Angeles after they learned the Senate confirmed Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Sotomayor had unanimous Democratic support with nine Republicans also on board. Swear-in is Saturday.
Now it's ugly side of the world's most picturesque peaks. Climbers fluffing to famous mountains just like Fuji and Everest leaves tons of garbage behind. As James MacDonald tells us one renowned Japanese mountaineer has made it his life's works to clean up the slopes.
Iran is finally confirming that it has arrested three American travelers, three American hikers. Iran’s state-run television says they have been charged with illegal entry for crossing an unmarked border from Iraq into Iran.