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Two alleged terror plots targeting 2 US cities,Federal Agents say the suspects in both plots were ready to pull the trigger.The alleged plots were against the Dallas skyscraper and a federal building in Illinois.Counter-terrorism authorities say the plots though were unrelated.
Three suicide bombs in Pakistan to tell you about. The attacks killed 15 people. The deadliest, west of Islamabad and Peshawar. Eight people were killed near a state-owned bank and a military hospital in Peshawar. Another attack killed six people at a police station in the northwest frontier. And a third blast killed one person near the Indian border. People, in fact more than a hundred of them were injured in the three attacks.
Cleanup is under way across many parts of Georgia as the state recovers from deadly flooding. Major highways all around Atlanta are now back open, but look at this, days and days of flooding have resulted to high waters. Most students in the Atlanta metro area are back in class today though, after getting a rain day as schools try to clean up. But schools in a few Georgia counties still remain closed.
Researchers say a vaccine to prevent HIV infection is showing some modest results. This one was done in Thailand, it was paid for by the US army. What makes this vaccine unique is that it requires two separate shots. The study followed more than 16,000 volunteers in Thailand over the last three years.
Three men accused of lying about possible terror plot are in the courtroom today. Nazibullah Zazi and his father will go up before judge in Denver, a third suspect will be before judge in New York. Agents believe they may have been planning to attack a major transportation haven, two sources say Zazi had video in New York's grand center terminal.
Investigators are looking for about a dozen more people in connection with a wide ranging terrorism investigation in the US. Federal agents arrested three men Saturday in connection with the Justice Department has said it was a plot to detonate bombs in the United States. The three are charged with lying to federal agents.
All right, breaking news this morning. The FBI has made 3 arrests in a terror probe right here on US soil, being a father and a son in Aurora, Colorado also a man in Queens, New York under arrest, all for making false statements.
The head of South African athletics has admitted lying when he denied the knowledge of gender tests carried out on the runner Caster Semenya before her controversial medal winning performance at the World Athletics Championships last month. The admission by Leonard Chuene follows the publication of an email exchange between him and the South African team doctor concerning the tests. From Johannesburg, Jonah Fisher reports.
Police in Connecticut have made an arrest in the murder of Yale University graduate student Annie Le. Ray Clark, a lab technician,who works in the building where Le's body was found, has been charged with murder. Clark was arraigned in the last hour. He did not enter a plea. He was ordered held on three millions dollars bond pending his next court of apearance scheduled for October 6th.
We have new details on a terrorism investigation in New York and Colorado. Sources close to the investigation tell CNN the suspects may have been targeting a major transportation hub like a railroad or a subway. The man at the center of the probe Najibullah Zazi met again with FBI agents in Denver yesterday and his attorney says Zazi has no ties to terrorism.
Are you ready for another health care overhaul plan? Well, Democratic Senator Max Baucus has unveiled a bill today that he says will lower health care costs and provide quality affordable coverage.
Friends and fans are remembering actor Patrick Swayze today. He died yesterday after nearly a 2-year battle with pancreatic cancer. Swayze was 57, publicly best known for his starring roles in Dirty Dancing and Ghost.
Well, the body found Sunday afternoon in the wall at a medical building where Annie Le worked is being tested right now for positive identification. The remains haven’t been identified thus far officially, but police are assuming they are hers. They are treating this case as a murder investigation. Sunday would have been Annie Le’s wedding day, police have said her fiancé though is not a suspect.
Investigators are pouring over potential evidence. Collected from a lab were missing Yale's student Anne Lee was last seen. Surveillance video shows the 21-year-old entering the building, but it's not clear if she ever left that building. University officials say there's no indication she was on a run / she was trying to get away. Lee was supposed to get married today.
People are remembering the shock and the sadness of the September 11th terror attacks eight years ago. It is a day of remembrance, but for the first time, it’s also a national day of service. The Red Cross is among several organizations urging people to make a commitment to volunteer today and throughout the year.
President Obama trying to build on the momentum after his addresses this week. And in his weekly address, he shows concern over a new report on insurance.
It is Wednesday, September 9th, 2009. President Obama / trying today to gain a momentum for changing the healthcare system. Tonight, he is addressing a joint session of Congress at 8 pm eastern.
President Obama says he won't waste time with critics who think it's better to kill his healthcare plan than improve it. Last night, the president made good on his promise to keep pushing for reform with a fiery speech, still defending his call for a government-run health insurance option.
President Obama speaking to school kids around the country at noon Eastern today. The White House released the speech yesterday to try to dispel rumors that he will use it to push up a political agenda. The address encourages kids to work hard and stay committed to education. But not all school districts will be airing the speech.
President Obama speaks to members of the AFOCIO this hour in Ohio. He is expected to announce his new senior advisor for manufactory policy during his remarks. Meantime, Mr. Obama's speech to school kids tomorrow will be nothing more than a pat talk. And that is from Education Secretary Arne Duncan. The text of the speech was posted on the White House website last hour.
I'm gonna start with a few top stories we wanna share with you here. This happened yesterday, just a tough scene. This is in a rural south of Georgia Community where 7 people had their funerals and their burials all in one day. These were for 7 of the 8 people killed last week north of Brunswick. Again, all of them laid out, these coffins. Seven coffins laid out in these burials yesterday.
We heard this story that the murders of eight people in a small town in Georgia, there was a guy who called it in, a called 911, that his family had been essentially beaten to death, well now, guess what? Police believe, that guy, 22-year-old, Guy Heinzs Jr., was behind last weekend's killings at his father's mobile home in Glynn County.
Somehow despite 140 thousand acres burned, fire investigators have found the one tree they think where the major Southern California wildfire started. But they say they still not sure how it started. The good news all the evacuees have been allowed home to check the damage. They've also learned all of this might have been avoidable.