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Illegal immigrant workers play a key role in the booming U.S. home building business as they do in other industries. Casey Whyans now takes a look at how such laborers become part of the work force.
Cover-up, connivance, concealment were found in the Catholic Church and in its relationship with the authorities who should have been investigating allegations of child abuse. The church was seen as being above the law, putting its own reputation before the protection of children, and being allowed to continue unchecked by a state fearful of scandal.
In the desert, it’s obvious one needs water to survive, and lots of it. But it’s taking a staggering amount of water to float a war. In Iraq, it will be one of the biggest logistical challenges facing the US military: water. Richard Blimestone has the story from Kuwait.
I couldn't get over this mess.The federal government is confirming what Joan Glickman of Pompano Beach, Florida suspected all along.
Here you to the Philippines now where the government is ramping up security in the south after a gruesome, frankly shocking election-related massacre, gunmen attacked a convoy earlier this morning in Maguindanao, abducting scores of people. A horrifying CNN sued as the kidnappers reportedly raped, tortured and even beheaded members of the group.
US Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell is blasting what he calls the Democrats' arrogant approach to health care reform. The Senate passed a procedural measure to proceed with debate just last night. Appearing on CNN's State of the Union today, McConnell said the Democrats' proposed health care overhaul is not what the American people want.
Record snow falls on the Eastern United States, bringing planes, trains and automobiles to a halt. The storm is blamed for at least 24 deaths since the weekend, and more snow is forecast. Correspondent Darren Cagen has more.
Congress has a new investigation going on. Committee is trying to figure out whether the Fort Hood Army shootings could have been prevented. Two of the reasons why.
Travelers are seeing some major delays and cancellations this morning. It's because of a problem with the air traffic system in Atlanta that allows pilots to log their flight path. The FAA was quick to point out that it isn't a safety matter, it's just an equipment problem.
First up, Congress considers a new bill that would make some soldiers eligible for the Purple Heart. Representative John Carter introduced the new legislation yesterday. The Fort Hood army post is located in his home district in Texas.
In Beijing’s bitter cold, President Obama was all about showcasing a new warmth with China, as he toured the historic Forbidden City and its Hall of Supreme Harmony.
The number of Americans who have died from swine flu may be four times higher than we thought. The New York Times says the CDC is estimating H1N1 may have killed 4,000 people in the US since April. The virus is getting more dangerous but the CDC is now counting lab confirmed cases and deaths from complications related to H1N1.
This is the Arctic Circle, specifically the outskirts of a town called Rovaniemi, which used to be virtually unknown outside Finland. Nowadays, though, Husky sleighs aren't the only way to get here. This bit of half-wild Lapland has its own international airport, with dozens of planes in and out everyday and direct flights from places like London, Budapest and Milan.
CNN新聞講解:干旱的葡萄園 (2009-11-17)2009-11-17
For winemakers all over Australia will also have to factor in the impact of a devastating drought on their future earnings. But as CNN’s Andrew Brown now reports, it might not all be bad news.
CNN新聞講解:陽光來到了這個村莊 (2009-11-16)2009-11-16
It's hardly your typical bright and sunny Italian piazzas. But the sun is shining and that they exchange news on this crisp winter morning. Candida, Linda, Paula and Adele are making history. Never before in the eight hundred year existence of the northern village of Viganella, has the sun reached here in winter.
President Obama leaving today for an important visit to Asia, eight days, five cities and four countries. The president's primary objective is to reassure Asian allies that have lent billions to the US that the US is strong, the dollar is still solid.
The suspect in the Fort Hood shootings, army Major Nidal Malik Hasan is refusing to answer questions about that day. His attorney says Hasan is coherent, but isn't talking about last week's attack. He is under guard and in intensive care. Investigators are trying to figure out what provoked the attack.
The families of three American hikers who were detained along the Iran and Iraq Border in July just got the news that their loved ones would be charged with espionage in Iran. This announcement comes a couple of days after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met privately with the family members of Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Josh Fattal.
In Washington, literally, a House party. Democrats, they’ve invited the Republicans, but the Republicans didn't really want to party with them last night. The health care reform bill passed, 220-215 was the vote, this is how it went down.
Talking about that shooting at Ft. Hood. Then we saw another shooting in an office building yesterday in Orlando. The suspect could be making a court appearance as early as this morning. His name is Jason Rodriguez.
Today on Fort Hood we will observe a day of mourning and remembering in our thoughts and prayers the victims of this incident. 12 soldiers and one civilian dead after a lone gunman attacked Fort Hood yesterday. 30 people were injured. Authorities are investigating whether any of them were shot accidentally by someone trying to take out the gunman.
At least four people are dead in a suspected US drone attack in Pakistan. It happened in north Waziristan, a Taliban stronghold near the Afghan border. A Pakistani official says that a local militant leader was the appointed target.
Republicans may be feeling a little bit better about their party's future this morning. Some crucial races for governor in New Jersey and Virginia, both went to the GOP last night. In Virginia, Republican Bob McDonnell took a sweeping eighteen point landslide win over Democrat Creigh Deeds.
A suicide bomber killed 35 people who were standing in line waiting for their paychecks in Pakistan this morning. Police say it happened about 18 miles from the capital Islamabad where US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just visited last week. The United Nations says it is pulling out its non-emergency workers from northwest Pakistan.