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Take all of the stress of flying this time of year, and imagine you are doing it in a wheel chair for the first time ever. Our Reynolds Wolf looks at a program that's helping passengers travel after they've suffered major injuries.
Christmas is still relatively new here in China only really celebrated within the last 10 years. In fact, there was a time when you couldn't display a sign which read Merry Christmas because of the religious meanings, but now it means Christmas is everywhere.
As you know, Christmas is a day Christians celebrate the birth of Christ. Well, this morning we thought we show you how people in Bethlehem, Beijing and London were getting ready for this special day. First to the West Bank.
we've been asking you to send your questions about the health care reform bill, and you actually flooded us with questions. And here today to help us wade through some of the answers, Julie Rovner, the health policy correspondent for National Public Radio. Good to see you.
Ok, so get past the credit card, interest rates and all that. First comes shopping then comes the gift opening, then comes the mad rush to return what you don't want. Here's advice on how to make that return process easier this year if at all? We welcome back consumer reports, Tod Marks, also known as Tighwad Tod, good to see you?
Fridays are awesome, even when it is our last one of this semester. I am Carl Azuz, and you are tuned in the CNN Student News. First up today, a quick check of our headlines.
Obama: The jobs picture is not going to improve considerably, and it could even get a little bit worse over the next couple of months.
Well, there's no question. We have our challenges in front of us. Last year was a record-setting year for our red kettle program. $130 million was donated by the American public. This year, we're realizing that the economy is having an impact. We're lagging behind about six percent as we look across the country, so there's a few days left. We have our work cut out for us. Because the need in reverse to that, the need is extensive. Almost 100 percent increase in some communities.
Time now for our Challenging CEOs segment. Today, we are talking to a man who has helped redefine the luxury resort business in less than 10 years. We’re talking to Ho Kwon Ping.
Not having financial capital is a big reason why more than 130 U.S. banks have failed this year. Many of them ended up in that position because they didn't diversify. That's when a person or a business makes different kinds of investments in order to reduce risk; it's like having backup. David Mattingly talks with the president of one of these failed banks to find out how it happened.
I think it's a great incentive to save energy. I think it makes our homes smarter. I think it helps the consumer save money, and I think it's a great use of government funds.
Andy Shallal has a rare story in tough economic times: his businesses, bookstore restaurants around Washington, are thriving.
There is no longer a time when you'll have your feet up, according to the latest of the largest study of aging and retirement ever undertaken. The report carried out by the bank HSBC found that older people across the globe are staying in employment longer that's because they are fitter and healthier than ever before.
Do not tell that to the folks we are already getting hammered by the first major storm of the season. States out west got slammed by 23 feet of snow, winds whipping around at up to 90 miles per hour, even some desert states felt the freeze, check out this video for Arizona.
Hello, I’m Karl Lusus, welcome to CNN student news. We’re kicking off our last week of shows before the holiday break. We begin today in Denmark where week 2 of the UN Climate Conference is getting under way. One of the big goals of this meeting was to put together a deal to reduce green house gas emissions.
This makes me so angry, I was there, I know all about TARP. First, it was never intended that all those money whatever have to be spent. But any money that was not spent was to go to the deficit and the idea of taking these money and spending it is repulsive.
It’s Mr. Gates’s job to advise the President on military issues like the war in Afghanistan, and that is where the defense secretary is right now, meeting with the military officials and Afghan leaders following President Obama’s announcement that he plans to send 30,000 additional US forces to Afghanistan.
During a speech yesterday, President Obama offered some ideas on how to create new jobs and help out the country’s economy. Offering tax breaks to small businesses, expanding some of the government’s stimulus programs, and spending more money on infrastructure projects things like roads, bridges and water systems.
Exercise offers all the obvious benefits, bigger muscles and a healthier heart. But it also calms our nerves.
Authorities in the United States are trying to determine how and why a New York City man flew to Texas as human cargo. Patty Davis reports on a no-frills journey in a wooden crate that’s raising new questions about airline security.
It's one of the last wilderness areas, in Africa, last great wilderness areas in the world, and you have a very large intact savannah ecosystem which is adjacent to the largest wetland in Africa. So there are a lot of superlatives here in southern Sudan.
We certainly will go into the whole lot ,and then as I said will take a position on it, so we certainly don’t want to brush anything under the carpet, we don’t really sweep under the carpet, this is a serious issue and we certainly will look into it in detail.
Right here is where you can find out why people get so riled up about the issue of climate change. This is CNN Student News. I'm your anchor Carl Azuz, let's go.
Diamonds are said to be a girl's best friend, but few realize that the diamond cutting and polishing industry is actually an endangered skill in the United Kingdom. The British jewellery industry is losing out to cheaper European rivals and is in danger of dying out within a decade. Paula Hancocks, who likes a big rock or two herself, took some time out away from the London Stock Exchange to show how U.K. jewellers are fighting back with the diamond.