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英語日記:下雨天 80詞2017-08-02
Yesterday, I decided to go outside for picnic, but unfortunately, it suddenly rained.I felt verydisappointed, but I knew one thing: next time, when I decide to do something, I should pay attention to the weather forecast.Finally, I had to change my mind, and I had to stay at home all day watching TV and reading books.I like sunny days very much, and I don't like rainy days any more.
Today is Sunday. My mother、my father and I are all at home. My mother is washing clothes now.My father is reading newspapers.I am doing my English homework.
May first is a Sunday. And it is the Labor’s Day. My mother said to me :Open your eyes!And look out of the window. What a fine day! Let’s go to park, So my mother, my classmate and I went to the park. We took some foods in my schoolbag.
I usually get up at 6 o'clock. After have my breakfast i go to school by bike at 7o'colck.In school, we have five classes in the morning and have four classes in the afternoon. we after school at 12 o'clock at noon.
My favourite festival is Spring Festival. It’s in January or February. People in China celebrate it, and there are many things to do.
死去的老鼠 The Dead Mouse2017-02-14
Recently, there were a lot of mice running in and out of my house at night, so we bought the drug to poison the mice. Two days later, my mother found two dead mice in the corner of the house, I was so scared, it was so disgusting and I refused to see the bodies.
我們應該交什么樣的朋友? What Kind of Friend Should We Make?2017-02-13
People will make a lot of friends during their lifetime, the more friends they make, the more capable they are. Some young people are proud of having many friends, but only the true friends deserve us to care about.
你有什么才藝 What Skills Do You Have2017-02-13
When I was in primary school, my mother sent me to learn ballet, like other mothers, she hoped me to act like a princess, but I was not interested in dancing,
最后一天 The Last Day2017-02-12
Most people have thought about the question of what will they do if tomorrow were the last day for them. Some parents said they wanted to travel to the place they had always wanted, or they just spent the day together,
你今天看書了嗎 Have You Read Books Today2017-02-12
Li Ming is my classmate, he is always the best student in my class. The teachers speak highly of him all the time. I wondered how he can do so well, so I talked to him. He told me that he kept reading books every hour a day, if he was busy, he would do it before sleeping.
飯堂的新菜式 The New Food In Canteen2017-02-11
Many students dont like their canteens in the schools, because they are less of features and taste not really good. In order to change this situation, our school chefs decided to make some changes, they put forward some new type of food, which attracted many students to eat.
我做的晚飯 The Dinner I Make2017-02-11
Last night, my parents told me that they would go to have dinner with friends, so they wouldnt stay at home and let me to buy something to eat by myself.
如何保持好身材 How to Keep Good Body Shape2017-02-10
Today, a lot of children are in favor of fast food, such as KFC. These fried food smells so good and makes them watering. As they eat rubbish food for a long time, it is easy to lose nutrition and get the problem of overweight.
不一樣的美麗 The Different Beauty2017-02-10
In America, there is a girl who once was called the most ugly person in the world, because she was very thin and her bones could be seen clearly.
永遠的天使 Forever Angel2017-02-09
Whenever I see the information about beauty contest, a named is always mentioned, that is Audrey Hepburn.
第一次當老師 The First Time to Be a Teacher2017-02-09
Being a teacher is always believed to be one of the greatest occupations in the world, because they educate the students to be the better person and make a contribution to the world.
掙錢的意義The Meaning of Earning Money2017-02-08
There is no doubt that money is of great importance, we need money to support our lives and realize our dreams. For our parents, they save as more money as possible, while young generation trends to spend money for fun.
美國足球 American Soccer2017-02-08
American people are crazy about sports, basketball, baseball and football are very popular there. Most of them take exercise everyday, there is no doubt that sports have been part of their lives.
外國學生到韓國學習 Foreign Students Studied In Korea2017-02-07
Chinese education is always believed to be intense and inhuman, because so many children bury themselves in studying all the time.
愛情與年齡 Love and Age2017-02-07
People always play the joke that love is nothing to do with the age, weight and height. But it is normal for an older man to fall in love with the a young girl, while it is criticized for an older woman to fall in love with a young boy.
博物館免費開放 Free Admission to Museums2017-02-06
Nowadays, more tourist sites are free to the tourists. As one of the hot sites that attracts people to visit, there is no doubt that this policy will bring more visitors.
旅行讓我成長 Travel Makes Me Grow Up2017-02-06
Going to high school is my first time to leave home. I have to live in school from Monday to Friday. I like to stay away from my parents for some time, because I can make my own choice and be free to go anywhere.
你能放下手機嗎 Can You Put Down Your Smart Phone2017-02-05
I think most people have the moment to be annoyed by the technology. For example, the task is prepared to be finished in the certain time, but as we are easy to be lost in the computer games, nothing will be completed in the end.
EQ and IQ2017-02-05
EQ stands for the high social ability for people while IQ means the ability in academic study. There is an interesting situation that the smart person who has the high IQ while his EQ will be in the opposite. There are many classic images in the screen, like the characters in the TV series The Big B
最好的自己 The Best Me2017-02-04
Now I have come to my last year of primary school, when I look back on the passed days, I feel that I have grown up. I learn to help my mother with her housework,
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